Our veterinarian has just told us that our pet has a severe illness. What options do we have for aftercare for our beloved pet and family member?

At Little Friends Pet Memorial, we offer various cremation options for pet aftercare. We are available to assist you in making a decision that will be dignified, respectful and accommodate your needs. We assure you that your very special family member will be handled in a gentle and loving manner.

Can I make arrangements for my pet’s aftercare before we need the service?

Absolutely. We welcome pet owners who wish to visit our facility prior to their pet’s passing. It can be much easier to establish these plans before the actual need, as the grief from your loss may make these decisions more difficult.

What if my veterinarian doesn’t use Little Friends Pet Memorial for pet aftercare services?

You should always ask your pet’s health care provider who they choose for cremation services. If they do not use Little Friends, simply let them know you have chosen us for your pet’s aftercare needs. You may call us or ask your veterinarian to call us. We will pick up your pet at your veterinarian’s office and call you to arrange any memorial wishes.